How to pack your things correctly before moving in a new house

One of the stressful thing about moving out is packing your things. And packing is not an easy task to do because you have to ensure that all your things are packed safely. That’s why we prepared some storage tips to help you out. Just keep reading further below to know these tips.

1. Disassemble and Dismantle – Dissamble any bedframes or tables if possible. Why? because disassembling these stuffs will make it easier to be transported. These items will also occupy smaller space when loaded into the transporting vehicle.

2. Label each box – This is an important thing to remember. Do not forget to label each box so you can easily find your things especially when you’re about to unload your things. For labeling, make sure that you included the necessary information. You can use color-coded electrical tapes or use a numbering system to mark each boxes.

3. Don’t use Newspaper – It is not advisable to pack your things using newspaper. Why? because its ink may stain your stuffs.

4. Use padding – When packing glasswares always use a layer of padding. This is to separate each glasses from one another. Why? because they are delicate and can be easily broken. You may also use bubble wrap or cardboard as a padding.

5. Use original packaging – If possible use original packaging when packing electronic appliances. If not, then you can use a slightly larger box to keep it stationary.

6. Tape your box securely – Make sure that you taped your box securely for your items’ security during transit. Seal each side of the box, this is to ensure that the bottom side of the box will not collapse.

7. Use clothing – If you run out of bubble wrap or cardboard, use your clothings instead. Clothings can be an alternative for wrapping breakables. As a result, you packed your breakables and clothing at the same time which saves you a lot of time.

8. Mark items with fragile – Do not forget to mark breakable items or appliances with fragile. So, the handler will handle it with extra care.

9. Put heavier items below – When stacking boxes, always put the heavier ones below to avoid damaging other items accidentally.

10. Pack clothings in a hanger -Instead of removing your hung clothes from their hanger, pack your clothings on hangers. So, once you arrive all you have to do is unload your packed clothes and hang them.

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